Meet the Nikon Family, a community of Ambassadors and Creators shaping the world of image-making today.
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Our Nikon Ambassadors and Creators are at the heart of everything we do

We are immensely proud of our Nikon Family, a community of Ambassadors and Creators who inspire us to see the world and ourselves differently through their relentless pursuit of great imagery. They are chosen not just for their talents and expertise, but also as powerful role models for their varied audiences. Immerse yourself in a world where their passion meets our innovation.

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We are committed to fostering an ever-growing, welcoming community

Our team is dedicated to growing and nurturing a community of creatives, where all feel welcome and their imagery celebrated.  At the heart of our mission is the commitment to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive community. At Nikon’s heart, we seek to empower the rich tapestry of imagery and expression through our community, inspiring photographers and filmmakers to share their talent with us. We recognise that there is always work to be done to showcase new and different profiles and perspectives as our community continuously evolves and improves. We encourage all photographers and filmmakers to share emerging talent with us. Tell us what you think and send us a DM via Instagram.

Meet our Ambassadors

Nikon Ambassadors are the top visual storytellers of today and we are proud to call them partners.

Meet our Creators

Nikon Creators are independent image-makers of all levels, telling stories in entirely new and creative ways


What is the difference between Nikon Ambassadors and Creators?

Nikon Ambassadors are some of the most talented and influential visual artists working in the business today. These gifted, spirited storytellers are among the most important role models for their audiences. They are highly regarded industry professionals not only for their deep technical expertise, but also for their legacy in shaping the industry for future generations. Our ambassadors are well respected and admired for their passion, energy and commitment to their craft.

#NikonCreators – a community of visionary artists, exploring new ground with the Z Series. Empowered by this revolutionary mirrorless system, image-makers of all levels are telling stories in entirely new ways. Follow their creative journey as they inspire and influence using #NikonCreators. The Nikon Creator community is always growing! So share your work, we’d love to hear from you.

Advice from our Ambassadors/Creators

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How are Nikon Ambassadors and Creators selected?

Candidates for the Nikon Ambassador programme are hand-selected at a European level, through careful consideration made up of local recommendations and research, before being evaluated by a wider committee. Successful candidates are typically working professionals, with a high level of industry experience and imaging knowledge.

Nikon Creator candidates are hand-picked by local teams, with extensive research into their social media platforms, with audience demographics and engagement insights taken into account.

Both Ambassadors and Creators alike are recognized as influential role models for their audiences, both practitioners and advocates of image-making.

Frequently Asked Questions

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